Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Oh My Gosh!!!

Where has the time gone. And, I assure you I've been soooooooooo busy . . . really. And, I even managed to get to the Gym!! Only the once tho - was bored so came home to do some ironing . . .ha ha ha ha not.
So, these are the jobs I've done from 'The List' - still picking away at it. The trick is to try and do a 'big' job as well as all the little jobs rather than concentrating on the little ones. Which are usually better/faster/quicker ways of getting a tick - ho hum still at least I'm getting things done which in turn is freeing me up to . . roll of drums . . . make things - which was the whole idea of me doing this project. Photos to follow on.

So, jobs done

Check if got paper stumps - didn't but have now (purchased)
Pop - metal book for his logging of machines - almost done so going to count it
Metal Work - see above - photo to follow
Use Metal - see above
Complete one project per month and upload piccies to confirm
Dad needs book to list his machines in - metal work
Gym - been once
Bev - been out with
Cathy - been out with
Joanne - been out with
Helen - sent card
Gillian - sent card & text
New school pants - bought, just need to alter
OH - spend time with - been to cinema twice, and tea twice since list started
Child - spend time with - movies for juniors, Trafford Centre
Brother & his Family - spend time with - spending Christmas Day with them
Spa Retreat - Jan 2011 booked & paid for
Christmas Market - 4th Dec - canx due to colds all round
Take dogs out during the day - yup but it's soooooo cold
Use Friday nights better - planning to craft/read/cinema
Sort redundancy paperwork - now filed
Sort insurance paperwork - now filed
Sort JSA paperwork - now filed
Perfume course for 'X' - not really cos got lots of other stuff for xmas
List of peeps to send xmas cards to - get from Mum - all done & posted
Check birthdays in diary - yup and cards got to write
Check have addresses for friends - yup in order to send xmas cards to
Sort cards ready for b,days - yup
More books onto Kindle - wish list started
Back up PC - yup
Replace ink - yup
Get spare ink - yes
Christmas Pressie list - all done and with Mother
OH - need ideas - clothes - having a rethink due to saga with eyes
List what gifts have got - all done and extras purchased
Gap under Patio Doors - checked and isn't one
Check for other gaps that unfriendlys can get in - can't see any others
Strip radiator - all done
Service car - yes last weekend
Find window cleaner who doesn't freak OH out - yes - been twice and OH approved
Front garden - weed and tidy
Little Safe - where's that then - in the garage, need to clean and check still works
Tool box for all the stuff laying around - all put away - think of getting shelves instead.

See!!! Told you I'd been busy!
Love yas xx


  1. OMG - I haven't laughed so much in ages !The 'gap under patio doors ' and 'other gaps' entries particularly tickled me! You go girl! xx