Sunday, 17 October 2010

This 'Blog' is going to start from November 1st 2010 - when I will be (in my words and in my head!!) 'Thirty 14' ie 44 years old.
It is going to follow a month (maybe longer if I get the bug) of the currently chaotic and non productive life I lead, in the hope that I will achieve more things if I'm to post about them every couple of days.
I am going on holiday in 5 days time and will be taking a notebook with me in order to write a list - refer to Mike Gayles - 'The To Do List' in which Mike makes a list a 'real life' things and makes a pact with himself to complete the whole 1277 items in 12mths. He engages the support of the 'Sunday Night' gang and emails everyone in his email address folder to tell them of his intentions, with the idea that if more people know he should feel less inclined to give up at the first hurdle. This blog will be my slight imitation on this.
Things to do/complete/achieve will all be 'real life' things, nothing like going sky diving/ shark swimming or the such like, just normal everyday things that should be done and well . . . never get done. ~Plus some items from my 'wish list' - see later.
This therefore is my 'mission statement' - make a list. GET IT DONE!!!
Laterz xx