Monday, 13 December 2010

Hi Blog Followers

Had a wonderfully productive day with my Crafting Friends on Saturday at Hazel Grove and managed to, almost, complete 3 projects. Since coming home though I've finished them all..whooo hoo

This is the finished metal book for my Pop for Xmas, the Baroque (ish) Tree and two tiny birdhouses which I got from Paperartsy whilst at the NEC in November. And, yes, more metal work - ooooo and even more exciting. I painted them with my 2009 Birthday/Christmas Gift to Self of Claudine Hellmuth's Paints . . . pick yourselves up from the floor people the surprises just keep on coming . . .

Been working back from the list today so will follow up later this week with my progress on that. I also need to take photo's of my now workable craft room. These to follow.

Also, some sad news . . . The Car has GONE!!! Finally the Beast has had it's day. My OH really needs a more practical car/van for work and the M3 Cabriolet whilst it's been fun to have it in our lives really isn't suitable for our needs anymore. One sad person at home today .
Latorz xxx


  1. Fab projects - the birdhouses are soooo cute xx

  2. Great seeing you on Saturday. Puts me to shame, seeing how productive you are lol. Love the cute houses and the tree looks very elegant with the bling edges. Px

  3. Fab projects but sorry to hear about the beloved car.