Saturday, 13 November 2010

Just a quick post as I'm off to Abakhan to get the material to enable me to finish my Santa Latch Rug.
Also; here's the part of the list that I've managed to complete so far. Hoping it will give you a 'taste' of the kind of things that I'm managing to do. Still not been able to print the full list off yet as there's something up with the printer - don't think PC and Printer are talking to each other for some reason . . . maybe I should add it to my list.
So, here's the few I've done;-

The Whole List (and nothing but the list!!) Done Comments
1 Make a list Y This is it
2 Plan to action list Y Have made a start
3 Get it Done Y Okay
4 Keep it Real Y Definately
5 Review/cancel Sarahs Y Done - cancelled by email
6 Clear trolley Y Done and in loft - maybe able to reinstate at some point
7 Check if got metal starter kit Y Yes - in clear box
8 Combine all x-stitch threads Y All done and going back to Mums
9 Put other threads onto bobbins to file away Y All done and going back to Mums
10 Albums that have done - gifts for peeps - ask Mum? Y Have sorted as to what can be given as gifts
11 NEC 4th November Y Done
12 Need list and plan Y All done
13 Split out magazines Y And sorted to take to class and Mums
14 Making Card Magazines - I don't make cards!! Y Take to Class next week
15 Love your Handwriting book - use or lose Y Taking to class next week
16 A4 paper/card - will I ever use Y Gone to Mums (Mum will make my cards)
17 Tim Holtz - embelly box Y Got from NEC on 4th
18 Sort undies drawer Y and OH's done too
19 Review/Cancel Contact Lenses Y All cancelled
20 Learn to Cook I Y Taking to Charity shop next week
21 Learn to Cook II Y Taking to Charity shop next week
22 Learn to Cook III Y Taking to Charity shop next week
23 Contact Kerry Y Via Facebook - waiting for reply 9th Nov
24 See how much Car is worth Y Don't need to pursue this avenue anymore
25 Tax BMW Y All done
26 Do I need the Video player anymore Y Been dumped this wk - 11th Nov
27 Janet Spa Cheque Y All sent and paid up
28 Denise b,day card - 1st Nov Y Card sent
29 NEC list Y Been and done 4th Nov
30 Carolyn & Lee Gift & Card Y Got Married 30th Oct - not had reply
31 Pack summer clothes away Y In suitcase and in loft
32 Winter coat Y Got this week - 11th Nov
33 Get rid of excess keep fit stuff Y Taken to dump
34 Stepper Y Gone to tip
35 Finish Eat Pray Love - taking forever Y Hurrah!!!!
36 Riverside Cook Book - try Y Not got anymore
37 R4 card and games for child Y Has arrived - 11th Nov
38 Load B,day voucher onto amazon account Y All up loaded
39 Brother - xmas gifts for Mum & Dad Y Up to him as to what he does with the information now
40 Photograph room as it is Y Done
41 Upload photos onto pc Y Loaded
42 Load photos onto Blog Y Uploaded
43 Get Kevin - Done! Y Done on 2nd Nov
44 Empty garage Y OH did last w/end 6/7th Nov
45 Freezer - keep or go? Y Keep - started using again for Xmaas
46 Check shed isn't leaking Y Looks pretty water tight
47 Tidy stereo wires with that thing Y Looking lovely
48 Get rid of bed in garage Y Been taken by someone
49 Table into loft Y Put it into shed
50 Clothers drier Y Been taken by someone
328 Utility Room Radiator - doesn't appear to be working Y All hot and lovely now

51 things all done - 279 to go!
Rightie best get the rug measured and persuade my child that the trip to a 'craft' shop will be good for him. lol xx


  1. doing well girl doing well.

  2. Very impressed - keep up the good work! x

  3. Wow I'm impressed! Keep at it! ( then dint fir get you're coming round to sort mine!) LolX

  4. Dint fir get means don't forget!