Wednesday, 8 December 2010

So the stuff I've done, from the top down -

The Santa Latch Rug - which I have had to confess to having had for approx 10years...but it's done now, made it into a rug and it looks fab (I think).

The other two projects are items which I made at the Artsy Craft Weekend organised by L B Crafts at the end of October. I'm including them in this blog as I hadn't finished them completly and the book thing had split at the spine so I had to get that fixed.
The pink sunk window view - my Mum loved and it matched her new colour scheme in her lounge so it's made it's way over to hers.

There is another project for the Weekend which I've also finished and here it is . . . .

Gosh . . .I'm on Fiy-er

To follow in my next quick post are a couple if WIP - or Work in Progresses. I love that expression.
There is the project for my Dad for Xmas as a little something - it's not the most professional finish but I'm trying out loads of new things and as he needed a little book in order to log his machinery in I thought I would give the old Metal Stuff from 10 Second Studio a go. Hope you like.

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