Friday, 14 January 2011

Update to List

So, the main reason for doing this blog is for me to complete my 'To Do List' I have been working on it and here's the next successful items. The only problem is now that I'm currently creating a new 'To Do List' for the things I'm coming across whilst doing this one. But, for now, here's another 37 items all completed with comments in some cases;_

1)Put 2 pictures for photoframes
2)Do Bird houses - Xmas ones with robins - see previous post
3)Sort alphabets - peel off ones
4)Make Special Xmas Cards
5)Craft - do something once per week
6)Update blog regular
7)Spare duvet set for childs bed - this was one of the Xmas gifts that luckily arrived on time..phew
8)Help out more at school when asked - well, I helped set up with the Harvest Festval Dance..pressure!
9)More Crafting - yay - seem to have written this a few times, but I suppose I need to keep reminding myself why I was doing this is the first place
10)More stuff to get done - see!!
11)Junior Movies - been a couple of times, 'The Tooth Fairy' & 'G-Force' -both very suitable Saturday morning entertainment
12)Check gap in cereal cupboard - this is cos this is where the 'rat' entered and munched it's way through ALL the cereal boxes that were in there - all exterior holes all blocked up now, so this shouldn't happen again (all crossed at this point)
13)Repair dining room chairs
14)Repaint radiator as I'd used the wrong paint and when the rad got hot it STANK!!! Have used radiator paint this time - success!!
15)Use Big Shot - I've had it years and not - used it that is
16)Do something with photos on PC - blogging!!!
17)Contact Hayley - pal from Weight Watchers - just need to keep in touch regular now
18)Wheel Barrow - where is it? - OH work!! Not going to see that again in my lifetime
19)Fix shelf in towel cupboard
20)Review Gas & Electric supplier - same supplier just £400 cheaper pa if I select the online version . .cheeky of what??
21)Christmas Scene from L B Crafts - check got stuff to do it - all done, see previous post
22)List monies outstanding - shocking!
23)Overhaul accounts - even more shocking... is 4pm to early for Vodka?
24)What food for Christmas - didn't really matter cos ate at Brothers Xmas Day lunch. Left OH a lovely piece of steak, he had a cheese butty. Nose. Face. Come to mind here!! He could have come with us.
25)Melting Pot - Xmas gift - just need stuff to use in it now
26)Contact: the following people to touch base, get news, arrange meetings
27)Karen (scrappy) - had long chatty email back, need to reply
28)Clutter Cleaning workshop? - Been doing my own and it's feeling f i n e
29)Fish delivery - consider - and scrapped, started using fishmonger in supermarket more
30)Meat delivery - consider - as above
31)Veggie box delivery - consider - NAH!! Going to plant/grow own
32)Visit London - planned for beginning of July. Brother is doing the British Gas Open Water Swim in the Royal Victoria Dock/Thames River, so going to support
33)Tighten fridge door - unfortunatley had to dismantle the cupboard first and pull it out. Took best part of 4hours..
34)Empty understairs - ready to decorate
35)Understairs - strip wall paper - oh gosh, now I need about a tonne of plaster to repair
36)Repair Dog Kennel - did this yesterday, managed to break the blade of the jigsaw (sorry Dad) and hit my thumb 3 times, thought I'd hit it twice more than once cos I liked it so much. Owwww!
37)Work bench - was going to use this to cut my wood for the kennel, but when I came to use it it not only was still in the box but it also need to be I stuffed it back in the box and wedged the wood over the hose pipe container and the stepper machine. No wonder I broke the blade. Dad asked me if I'd swapped it over to a new one, but I said now it would have taken too much time so I used my hacksaw instead. Much more satisfying

Wow - that's a total of 122 completed. 157 to do - -almost half way through.

Long post and if you lasted to the end I salute you
PS Just found out that OH is working late so I've got time to either
a) Carry on reading my next Karen Rose book
b) Watch one of my Xmas Recorded movies
c) Go and pack bags ready for Crafting Crop with my Friends tomorrow.
OOoooooo what to do..

Monday, 10 January 2011

A Very Belated Happy New Year wish to you all

Apologies for my lack of posting, the time has just slipped away from me.
This post is mostly prompted by a text we received last week from our neighbours. It said . . .

'The charge now 4 the bird house has gone up to £1.50 per week as your cat has taken up residence . . .Joyce'

Here's why . . . this is Kevin our 9mth old kitty cat

Can't see him catching many birds using these tactics somehow.