Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Camping, cupcakes and crafting

The view from the massive big wheel . . .

Great Dorset Steam Rally . . . .with ....cranes

and tanks and boys who love tanks . . .

Fire Engines doing 'wheelies' ???

Our tent is somewhere in there if you look right at the back . . . . . .

Crafting . . .

These are memo gift pegs for my cousin who has gone to Uni in Leicester to study towar
Side view and upright view

Wall plaque for another cousins birthday.

Practising making cup cakes

and think that's got you allllll up to date apart from jaunts to cinemas and other exciting things. All in all a lovely summer spent with my child doing the things we love.

And how's the 'To Do List' doing I hear you cry well I'm still working through it - got 57 items left on it but I'm going to continue with it and make more use of my time. Now I'm back working it means I'll have to plan for my crafting time so much better.


LOL xxxxxx

OMG!!! It's November the 1st

...and we've had school summer holidays, camping, crafting (only a little) and lots of other adventures and just over a month ago I returned to work!

So I'll just do a quick gallery of piccies to bring you up to date and apologise for my tardiness oh and no internet and oh no hard drive on my pc!! Excuses, excuses I know . .
Above are . . . hmmm possibly Halloween and Alex's birthday - we had a party picnic in the park