Saturday, 13 November 2010

Just a quick post as I'm off to Abakhan to get the material to enable me to finish my Santa Latch Rug.
Also; here's the part of the list that I've managed to complete so far. Hoping it will give you a 'taste' of the kind of things that I'm managing to do. Still not been able to print the full list off yet as there's something up with the printer - don't think PC and Printer are talking to each other for some reason . . . maybe I should add it to my list.
So, here's the few I've done;-

The Whole List (and nothing but the list!!) Done Comments
1 Make a list Y This is it
2 Plan to action list Y Have made a start
3 Get it Done Y Okay
4 Keep it Real Y Definately
5 Review/cancel Sarahs Y Done - cancelled by email
6 Clear trolley Y Done and in loft - maybe able to reinstate at some point
7 Check if got metal starter kit Y Yes - in clear box
8 Combine all x-stitch threads Y All done and going back to Mums
9 Put other threads onto bobbins to file away Y All done and going back to Mums
10 Albums that have done - gifts for peeps - ask Mum? Y Have sorted as to what can be given as gifts
11 NEC 4th November Y Done
12 Need list and plan Y All done
13 Split out magazines Y And sorted to take to class and Mums
14 Making Card Magazines - I don't make cards!! Y Take to Class next week
15 Love your Handwriting book - use or lose Y Taking to class next week
16 A4 paper/card - will I ever use Y Gone to Mums (Mum will make my cards)
17 Tim Holtz - embelly box Y Got from NEC on 4th
18 Sort undies drawer Y and OH's done too
19 Review/Cancel Contact Lenses Y All cancelled
20 Learn to Cook I Y Taking to Charity shop next week
21 Learn to Cook II Y Taking to Charity shop next week
22 Learn to Cook III Y Taking to Charity shop next week
23 Contact Kerry Y Via Facebook - waiting for reply 9th Nov
24 See how much Car is worth Y Don't need to pursue this avenue anymore
25 Tax BMW Y All done
26 Do I need the Video player anymore Y Been dumped this wk - 11th Nov
27 Janet Spa Cheque Y All sent and paid up
28 Denise b,day card - 1st Nov Y Card sent
29 NEC list Y Been and done 4th Nov
30 Carolyn & Lee Gift & Card Y Got Married 30th Oct - not had reply
31 Pack summer clothes away Y In suitcase and in loft
32 Winter coat Y Got this week - 11th Nov
33 Get rid of excess keep fit stuff Y Taken to dump
34 Stepper Y Gone to tip
35 Finish Eat Pray Love - taking forever Y Hurrah!!!!
36 Riverside Cook Book - try Y Not got anymore
37 R4 card and games for child Y Has arrived - 11th Nov
38 Load B,day voucher onto amazon account Y All up loaded
39 Brother - xmas gifts for Mum & Dad Y Up to him as to what he does with the information now
40 Photograph room as it is Y Done
41 Upload photos onto pc Y Loaded
42 Load photos onto Blog Y Uploaded
43 Get Kevin - Done! Y Done on 2nd Nov
44 Empty garage Y OH did last w/end 6/7th Nov
45 Freezer - keep or go? Y Keep - started using again for Xmaas
46 Check shed isn't leaking Y Looks pretty water tight
47 Tidy stereo wires with that thing Y Looking lovely
48 Get rid of bed in garage Y Been taken by someone
49 Table into loft Y Put it into shed
50 Clothers drier Y Been taken by someone
328 Utility Room Radiator - doesn't appear to be working Y All hot and lovely now

51 things all done - 279 to go!
Rightie best get the rug measured and persuade my child that the trip to a 'craft' shop will be good for him. lol xx

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

'Procrastination' - is the thief of time. Apparently if you delay doing something it will take longer to do it later on - so says the Oxford Dictionary of English!
So, what have I done instead of getting stuck into my list....hmmm well, I did some clearing out - unfortunately neither were on my list but my OH's undie drawer (shocking) and his wardrobe are all emptied/sorted and tidied. His wardrobe is even split into clothes order eg, long sleeved t- shirts separate to short sleeved t-shirts. Oh God, is that my OCD kicking in?
I've also managed to visit Hobbycraft and bought the letters X, M & S - I'm hoping I've got an 'A' somewhere in my room for a Christmas project I saw in a shop and loved - Craftrange Burnley. Oh, and took the dogs out, met parents for coffee and toast, done shopping and ironing. I also made a lovely Thai Green Chicken Curry tonight - made the curry paste from scratch. Whooo!!!
So, to tomorrow. Tip first thing then I want to go to B & Q for some different storage drawers for my 'soon to be reorganised' room. (Should probably stop buying new storage at some point?). Am I still procrastinating?
Finally finished my book - I shall chat about that another time, suffice it to say . . I survived - many, many a time I thought about giving up but am really glad I stuck with it. Perhaps I should just leave it at that - 'Eat Pray Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert.
Al xxxx

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Here's the reason I'm doing my list!! In the hope that by showing these images it should give me the proverbial kick up me bum?

Oh gosh, they really are quite shocking. Luckily it is only the one room that is like this. The rest of the house has . . nothing in it (as my friends would confirm).

Friday, 5 November 2010

So . . . I've not posted for Wednesday, Thursday and well . . .Friday if you look at the time. But. I am currently 'waiting up' for Kevin the Kitten to come home!. Well he didn't come home earlier so of I went to the cinema (Jackass 3D - fab as usual!!) but now I feel like a bad mother cos I didn't make sure he'd got the early bus home before all the fireworks started, and now, I don't know where he is and I really really need to go to sleep. Who'd have pets. Swear they are worse than children, but at least they don't answer back.
Update - Wednesday, did the jobs I said I would (then watched TV for the rest of the day) well, it would have been rude not to. 'Confessions of a Shopoholic' - love ít.
Thursday - trip to the NEC. 2hrs ish to get there . . . fab fab day (thanks Mom) but . . . 5 hours to get home (including a water break at Keele Services or it could have been Knutsford (think it began with a 'K') urgh, (that boy's head is on 'the wrong way round!!'). Sos Mum!!! Just had too.
Have started converting the list to pc friendly. Need to take photos's of craft room ( and yes Anne, it's worse than the photos you saw at Harrogate that time) even though when you visited it all looked good . . . confession time. . . .it was hidden in another room.
PS Still not finished my 'book' and I know I said I would talk about it next time I posted, but, I really don't have the energy. It's not like it's a bad/boring/sad/happy/interesting book - it's all of those. but usually I've read a book in 3-4 days max. I've been reading this one now since I spent w/c 23rd October in Majorca.
I'm now watching create and craft. Need to shout Kevin again then I'll have to go to bed.
Nite nite followers . . . I love you all xxxxx

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Ok, so made a start (small) on the list today. Namely got Kevin the Kitten de-nuggeted. He's back home now and my son thinks it's extremely funny dangling an old dried conker in front of him and giggling. I've also reviewed my one and only Craft Kit Subscription (sorry Sarah) and have cancelled that and also my contact lens subs. I just need to follow up with emails and phone calls. I'm afraid I got distracted with the 300+ emails I had on my PC waiting for my attention. (Also on the list).My solution . . . . I deleted all but 4 of them!!! Phew....I had stuff on there that's archived in other websites on the internet so I can always re access them should the time ever arise when I'm stuck for something to do . . . .
I also managed a little Christmas Shopping, well it was too good to miss. A Half Price Toy Sale @ Sainsburys. Perfect for stocking fillers. Lovely.
Oh and I reinvested an e-bond that I'd forgotten to do anything with - seemples!!
Plans for tomorrow involve changing euros back to sterling, cashing in a Gas/Electric overpayment & changing my sons shrapnel savings into whole monies - none of which are on my list but then hopefully Father (Pops) will come round to halp sort the wires in the loft ready for me to continue boarding it out. Watch this space.
I've got 'Wheeler Dealers' to look forward to tonight - think I might carry on with my book - more of that later.
Laterz xx

Monday, 1 November 2010

I'm back and . . . . The list is done - although I added a couple of more things to it this morning. So, I'm going to stop increasing the list and come clean! I have a total of 329 items on my 'To Do List'. Eeeek!
They are a mixed bag of things so I thought perhaps I should just split them into 3 areas of attack.

Art & Craft

Body & Soul

House & Garden

These sub divisions do however need to be split into further segments but it would just get increadibly tedious eg: Art & Craft- covers all my crafty endeavors, to the sewing that I've not yet completed to all the craft supplies, items to alter. knitting, sewing, reading, music, books (and the craft room that I need to sort so I can do these things) and so on . . .

Body & Soul are things like clothes shopping, sorting finances, visiting/emailing/meeting people that I see regularly or for things that I just know will make me feel happy to be doing.

Finally the House & Garden section covers . . . well, all jobs not yet done/finished/started on the house and garden!

See what I mean . . . lots and lots of sub sub sections.

So, the list is 329 items long (330 if I add, at my Friend Karens request, to 'nag' her to get her own blog up and running).

I will attach the list at some point (when I've worked out how to and typed it up of course - currently in long hand) and post photos of my progress. I suppose, too, I know should have a time limit and I know I said in my first post that I would follow my progress for a month. Looking at the list perhaps it should be longer? You'll see what I mean once I post the list and make a start..hee hee

Well, if I was Thirty14 yesterday, perhaps I should keep going until I'm Thirty15?