Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The camping weekend...

Which I didn't go on as it consisted of, 2 blokes, 2 youngsters and 2 dogs - and, most importantly RAIN!!! Suffice it to say that wasn't a combo I wanted to be a part off so I stayed at home...and completed THIS!!!! Hoorah!!!

My son has now claimed him for his bed/room.

This was the last card that I had made (the one for my pal's b'day) It was a pure copy from a Crat Stamper Magazine - Junes's I think.

And, here are the dogs recovering after their wet and soggy camping weekend - Kevin the Cat really missed them - think he must be asking them all about it and the dogs just haven't even got the energy to lift their heads in response!!

Apart from completing my Ted - I spent Saturday watching DVD's - you know, the ones where your OH pulls his face when you suggest viewing them?

I watched - Legally Blonde 1, Legally Blonde 2 - Red White & Blue, Sex and the City 1, Sex and the City 2 and finally The Time Travellers Wife which although confusing and that it reduced me to tears too, but it was lovely. Was shattered after all that watching and had managed to consume something probably in the region of 10,000 calories from Friday night to Saturday night. So, I've joined Weight Watchers and boy was that a shocker for Monday morning. Don't have the courage to discuss this further at the moment, when I start making the reductions I shall write about it!!!

Of to London, this Friday till Saturday to watch my Brother in the 'Great London Swim' - it's another 'open water' event and will follow pretty much the same as the 'Great Salford Swim' -should be good and will be fun to finally take my son down to see London - briefly. Am meeting up with Brother and family but this time the parents are coming too.

More to follow


A xxxx

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I'm sure I've mentioned I'm not really into making cards? I tend to pinch nay aquire them from my Mom who makes such wonderful ones. But, on this occasion I have made not one but 4!!! I can only post 3 just now as the last one is for one of my lovely Friends, who's Birthday is not until Sunday. So, here they are. A Fathers Day Card - sure you would have quessed that!I used a combination of Tim Holtz and some other stamps which I've not got the name off, plus some TH Idealology bits.

Lavinia stamps used here with glitter to enhance - this one was for Mum

And, finally My Pops asked me to make him card for Mum. Very simple and some very old but lovely papers - again, can't remember what they are called/

Finished college this week after taking my Exam yesterday - will let you know how I've done when I get the results.

Nothing much else happening just now, well, there is but I'm still trying to get some answers first before I post.



Tuesday, 14 June 2011

List Update!

So, whilst on Holiday (!!!) I got to thinking about my list. There are some items on there which I know I will be unable to complete before 1st November cut off - they will however be carried over to my new one for next year. They include planning/organising trips to far flung places - well, Italy, Prague, Dublin, Florida etc and also Cross Stitch projects which I haven't started yet but by experience I know will take longer than the time I have left for this year.
I will however, concentrate on finishing the x-stitches that I have started in the past - unfortunately this does include one which I definately know I was doing well well before my son was part of my life. Perhaps 12yrs or more and I do so want to finish it (I think??).
I'll update my list and keep you updated with where I'm at. I'm not giving up at this stage just reassessing for most impact.

A Holiday Washout.

This is a 'snap shot' of the 6hrs sunshine we had over 10 days of Holiday . . . half of the 6 were spent in the room as my DS was 'ill' All the other hours of the holiday were spent with this . . . . .

and this . . . .

This was the day we went to the beach accompanied with Thunder and lightning. Eventually it started raining so we ended up sheltering under the beach brollies until we could safely (dryly) make it to this snack bar in the background. Urgh!!! What a disappointment!!! It rained every single day and the amount of peeps who say '''oooo it wasn't nice here either' I say to you...but we were in Majorca - you expect bad weather in the UK . . .

Too sad to add anything else to this post at the mo.