Wednesday, 20 April 2011

It's ba...ack!!!!

So, what have I been up to? And. Most importantly have I got my va va voom back?

Well....YES!!! And the results are the piece of Art below. This is a project from the Craft Stamper March 2011 (I know this year!!!) by Jean Hardy. My Craft Collaborators Karen & Michele did the same project last month and 'challenged' me to do it myself. I spend so much time yearning and wishing I would do these things but I never seem to. So, seeing as they had some left overs and I didn't actually need that much more to enable me to create. Ta-dah!!!! And, best of all. IT's FINISHED!!!

I had booked to go and see a local production of 'Boogie Nights' on the Saturday night which was fine, except someone happened to mention getting dressed up to suit the era . . .70's!! I don't like fancy dress and was sooooooooooo not looking forward to it at all. But as you can see from the below it turned out to be a really fun evening. And, I got to see some friends that I haven't seen for ages and managed a catch up on gossip too. Smashing. And, Yes!!! They are all as mad as me.


Hee Hee!!!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Thank you

For the tips in how to get my non sitcky scissors back! And, as you know I've come to a slight 'halt' on my list - a friend at College suggested 'mind mapping' was the way to go - so I'm off to check it out. I know, starting something else before I've finished what I'm already doing. More to follow xx

Monday, 11 April 2011


After last Mothers Day weekend when I worked my socks off and achieved loads, I've hit the 'wall'. In terms of motivation - I haven't got any! I've only managed 5 more items of my 'TDL' which leaves only 127 - of which some of these have been started but I just can't seem to get my concentration/get up and go to get up and come back quickly. It's not like I've done all the easy items and just have the harder stuff to do, I'd say it was a pretty even split. Oh well. Not being one to linger longer than I should on any failings (perceived or otherwise) onwards and upwards!!

So, to the weekend. It was Fan-bloomin-tastic!!! The sun was out and we managed to get some jobs done in the garden, plus lots of chilling out family time.

Not quite sure how this is supposed to be 'sun bathing' but hey! at least the shirt is off and the child is outside in the sun rather than holed up in his room.

We planted some seeds to start of our self sufficiency. In x number of weeks we should have, carrots, tomatoes, spring onion, sweet pepper and lettuce. Oh, and strawberries. Fingers crossed anyway that's the plan. And finally, our other little boy was 1 yr old at the end of March - how much has he grown?

With regards to the list, I've completed the followng;

Put stamps into files EZ Mount stamps Review pulled projects - discard what don't like anymore Go to football club - twice each week in all weathers, not sure I signed up for this you know BT phone box in lounge - repaired

And, I've discovered my non sticky scissors are! After using them to cut EZ Mount in order to mount some of my rubber stamps, I can't get the sticky stickiness of the blades - suggestions to resolve welcome.

That's all folks.

A xx

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Part III - Sunday - Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day - this is the lovely gift my son has got for me & a bunch of flowers - perfectly lovely. After quickly visiting my Mom this morning & OH called in at his too we returned home and I proceeded to 'attack' this outstanding project from . . . . .yay~2007!! What is it with that year??

The project used papers from the 'Rockland' Collection designed by Sarah Milne for Scenic Route.
The finished product - I'm actually quite pleased with how it's ended up.

Now, who can I give it to as a gift?

Whilst I'm here, thank you all for your lovely comments - I love reading them and it makes me very happy that you do, make comments, that is.

Rightie ho - that's it for now, got to prep for tea and then it's sewing for the rest of the day...and yes, it is addictive and I can't stop thinking about it. I'll post it on here when it's all done, might be a while yet.

Enjoy the rest of the day

A x

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Part II - Saturday

My very lovely friend Michele treated me to a cover for my Kindle - to give it a little more protection whilst travelling and also to stop dust lurking on it, it was plain black and as I'm in the mode of trying to use my craft items I decided to add a little something - hope you don't mind Michele? Still love it BNIAGW!! And here it is, my Kindle getting all safe... Remember when I was at Mums last week sorting for the car boot sale - well she came across my Grans copy of her & Dads Wedding Album - so I thought I should share this one. This is going to be a project once this list (version 1) has been completed - see I keep adding things to a new one. But wow, aren't they a beautiful couple? Strangely in amongst all the bits and stuff in the album I came across this. It's an article which was in the Observer Newspaper back in hmmmmmm 1987!!! When I was a mere 20/21 yr old and I decided to leave home and move 'darn sarff' - like you do! So the building behind is the Bakery and I lodged there for about 6mths before getting a bedsit then finally renting a cottage. I lived/worked there for about 18mths in total before getting home sick. However, before I came home for good I stayed 6mths in Eton, Windsor.

So, whilst I was reading/cleaning/doing the accounts etc etc a litle fella decided he wanted a bit of comfort in his life and snuck upstairs for a lie down!! Cheeekkyy boy.

Then I decided to sort through the photoless Lay Outs which need photos adding (obviously) - there are 40!!! of them. I hereby promise to add photos when I've finished a LO in future - this backlog is a great stress causer.Finally - I got to sorting my un mounted stamps and other purchased not put away stamps - this took the rest of the day!

Now, I'm off to watch TV and to carry on with my...wait for it....wait for it....CROSS STITCH - phew, where did I dig that one up from??

TTFN - have a lovely evening and let's see what I get up to tomorrow.


The Weekend Part I - Friday (evening)

As many of my friends are aware - I've been having problems with my internet connection. Mainly in part to THIS!!!!
So, every (And I mean every!) time I tried to dust/vac/clean around this - it knocked my internet & phone out - and it was really really (have I said 'really') bugging me!!!

BUT . . . now it looks like this . . . .

Yaa hooooooooooo!! No more failed connections.So inspired by this and feeling encouraged I managed to tackle another of my to do list items

Remember this?

Well, now it looks like . . . this

All filed away. And whilst I was at it, I did my Moms Mothers Day card. I was going to decorate a frame too but I ran out of evening. Here it is . .

Back tomorrow for Part II