Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A little cutey . . .

Just thought this piccy might make you chuckle . . .on my 'To Do List I have 'sort out photos' and I came across this, taken when we'd just welcomed Kevin into our lives. Have you ever seen a cat sleep in this position? Ever?

And how's the list going, I hear you ask? Well . .

1) Check bikes are ok and use - all done and used to go to school . . once (At least we used them, plan to get the out proper this half term)
2) Clear Credit Card - FINALLY!!
3) Check photo printer - it works, just squidges the last inch for some reason, but don't think my dismantling will cure the problem
4) Dog gate - replace hinge - bought it, but now it looks as tho we're demolishing/changing the dog run area - more to follow
5) Better lock fastener for Dog Gate - same resaon as above
6) Record what colours used in lounge/kitchen - not sure why but sure it seemed imporant at the time
7) Valet car - and looking lovely
8) Do something with Tim Holtz Book - see previous post re the Valentines Card
9) Need match boxes - empty - yeah - for a Craft Stamper project - piccies to follow (sometime)
10) Sort holidays for next year - going back to Majorce (cos we love it so) 14wks next Monday
11) Karen Rose Series - all read and feeling lost without her
12) James Patterson - Michael Bennett books - just reading the last one 'Tick Tock' as good as the others
13) Sort remaining stuff in garage - all done in preparation for some machinery coming home - yay!! Can't wait

135 items done - 144 to go

Off Craft Shopping tomorrow - I've got an almost full loyalty card so it would be rude not too.
Thursday - meeting a couple of x-colleagues as one of them is being made redundant on Friday and is also finishing to have a Baby - it's been a while since I saw them both so it's going to be lovely
Friday - booked the dog JD into be groomed - before and after photos to follow
Oh and then it's the weekend . . . .and a Craft Day at my local crop group

Lovin it xxx


  1. well you are certainly get through them-good on you. Sounds like you are having a busy time over the next few days. You sorted your photos yet???

  2. He's so cute! Keep up the good work on the list and have fun tomorrow x

  3. Wow, you are on a roll! PS If you need small white matchboxes, I have a load and happy to give you. :)