Sunday, 20 February 2011

I also...

. .started (attempted) another item on my TDL (To Do List) - to sort my Scrapbooking Layouts into 'order'. Hmmm this is turning out to be trickier that I initially thought. Do I sort them into; year, type, category? Do I swap my current scrapbook albums for D-Ring ones in order to be able to separate/sort/reorder when required? Or do I just leave them in a pile and hope a magic helpful fairy will come and land and sort them out for me one day?
This is just a selection of finished LO's that I need to include into my albums

These are 8 single page LO's and 4 Double Page LO's that I need to add to the albums. So, I did something quite extreme . . I removed ALL my filed pages from all my albums. They are now in a neat pile on the floor in my room pending action!!!

lol - What have I done?
Suffice it to say I don't know what phase II will be - think I might have to get 'Mother' round!


  1. omg - my head's hurting thinking about it! lol

  2. Blimey, you were brave!! Good Luck sorting them out!
    I had the same delimma when we got Charlie as I knew we were always going to have 2 children, do I do them an album each? Do I just do year books etc etc! I decided that if I did them an album each I would then have to continue mine 'n' his album, do seperate holiday albums, keep up my BOM so in the end decided on year books! It's working so far but 2010's in busting at the seams!!!! I now also just do occasional LO's for my BOM as that's my personal project!