Thursday, 10 February 2011

I'm rubbish . . . .

Yes, I am really. I said to myself that I would blog most days and here we are in the middle of Feb (almost) and I've not!!
If I said it was cos I was busy being busy that would just be a great big fib. I've been busy. But! Not, busy doing stuff - unless you class reading as being busy? My OH wouldn't agree with this not one iota!
So, what have I been reading????
A fabulous collection of books by the same author, Ms Karen Rose. OMG she writes the most amzing books. Now, I'm not really into thriller/police/murder/mystery's at all preferring light hearted/life style rom coms but these books are just fantastic.
Check out her website and see if you come up for air when you start reading them.

I've just downloaded the most recently released 'You Belong to Me' but I'm scared to start reading it as it will mean I've finished the series...until Ms Rose writes another.
I won't be reading it just yet tho as I've slipped back into Mr James Patterson's Series of Michael Bennett - he writes just as well resulting in an almost total exclusion of all things necessary in life needed to exist. ie I just ain't doing anything else.

Ho hum!!
On a crafty/list plus point . . . steps are being made to complete a HUGE chunk of stuff in the next couple of weeks. I'm off on a retreat the first weekend in March so would ideally like to be all clear for all new and inspired crafting things to come into my life.
TTFN & Happy Crafting
Ali xx


  1. You and me, both! Took me ages to read her last one, well 3 days instead of 2 lol, cos I just didn't want them to end :( Think I might try the Michael Bennett series too - seeing that they come with good recommendation :)

  2. Not come across these, so thank-you for the recommendation! Good to see you back!

  3. Good girl - nothing wrong with reading. Love it!