Sunday, 20 February 2011

Best laid plans . .

I mentioned I was meeting an x work colleague on Thursday for lunch? Well, 'fraid to say it didn't happen (and I got some gifts for her too). And the reason? My drivers side window decided to get stuck - in the open position!!!! Took ALL day to get fixed which included getting the new putter upper mechanism (or something)!!! Then when I finally picked the car up - I couldn't get out of it cos they hadn't reattched the door handle!!!
So, how to manage without a car for 2 days - OMG it was awful and it's made me think that perhaps I rely on my car for far far too much!

I managed to get JD to the 'Doggy Beauty Salon' tho - here are his before and after photos

Doesn't he look lovely? And, thin?

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