Monday, 28 February 2011

Half Term...doncha love em?

These are the reasons I was too exhausted to post more last week. Yes! Half Term!!!
Weekend started slowly. Then as I had signed my son up for 'Wet 'n' Wild' swimming sessions at the local pool for an hour each day we decided that this week would be all about exercise and how we could fit it into our lives. This is how we ended up . . take a breath
Monday - swim for son. chat for me - followed by 8mile cycle ride (trust me those seats are not suitable for 8miles of cycling) swiftly followed by 3 mile dog walk. Urgh!

Tuesday - swim for child, swim for Mum - lost count after 34 lengths but reckon was about 2 miles by the time I'd finished one hour and a half later! Plus dog walk oh and walked to the pool too.

Weds - walked to pool, 3 miles round trip - swim for child, chat for mum - walked home, said we'd taken the dogs out but we tired really really tired, oh walked to shopping centre for school supplies

Thursday - Cycled to pool - - Ooooowwwww still hurting in the seat area - swim for son and Mum, cycled home, dogs out . . .knackered, can hardly talk . . . . let alone try and concentrate on using the pc

Friday - had to use the car unfortunately - first time this week tho - how chuffed were we? Swim for child, I watched cos they were using aqua jets and for some reason I kept hearing snippets of the James Bond theme running through my head - looked so fab fun - I want a go!
After swimming, had to collect nephew, then had some lunch in supermarket cafe! Then had to go and see how the People at the Job Centre were doing, Then we went of to play Bowls at Ashton.
I was happy to see that my OH arrived home later with a bottle of vodka under his arm but think I might have cancelled out all my goodness for the week now. Ho hum! Perhaps not? But that HUGE bar of chocolate that accompanied it surely did?
Had a layzey weekend and got ready for the going back to school thing. Urgh!!
Roll on Easter break



  1. My goodness! Sounds as if you barely had enough life left to do any living in! Well done you ...

  2. OMG I'm exhausted just reading it all! Think you need a nice relaxing retreat! x