Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Ok, so made a start (small) on the list today. Namely got Kevin the Kitten de-nuggeted. He's back home now and my son thinks it's extremely funny dangling an old dried conker in front of him and giggling. I've also reviewed my one and only Craft Kit Subscription (sorry Sarah) and have cancelled that and also my contact lens subs. I just need to follow up with emails and phone calls. I'm afraid I got distracted with the 300+ emails I had on my PC waiting for my attention. (Also on the list).My solution . . . . I deleted all but 4 of them!!! Phew....I had stuff on there that's archived in other websites on the internet so I can always re access them should the time ever arise when I'm stuck for something to do . . . .
I also managed a little Christmas Shopping, well it was too good to miss. A Half Price Toy Sale @ Sainsburys. Perfect for stocking fillers. Lovely.
Oh and I reinvested an e-bond that I'd forgotten to do anything with - seemples!!
Plans for tomorrow involve changing euros back to sterling, cashing in a Gas/Electric overpayment & changing my sons shrapnel savings into whole monies - none of which are on my list but then hopefully Father (Pops) will come round to halp sort the wires in the loft ready for me to continue boarding it out. Watch this space.
I've got 'Wheeler Dealers' to look forward to tonight - think I might carry on with my book - more of that later.
Laterz xx


  1. Poor Kevin - although the description of him being 'de-nuggeted' made me laugh! Sounds like you've made a good start at reducing your list x

  2. my goodness you have been busy. Well done but what's this with the kit sub???

  3. Blimey if my list was that long I'd throw it away! Come to think of it, it probably is and that's why I'm so disorganised! Lol! XD