Monday, 1 November 2010

I'm back and . . . . The list is done - although I added a couple of more things to it this morning. So, I'm going to stop increasing the list and come clean! I have a total of 329 items on my 'To Do List'. Eeeek!
They are a mixed bag of things so I thought perhaps I should just split them into 3 areas of attack.

Art & Craft

Body & Soul

House & Garden

These sub divisions do however need to be split into further segments but it would just get increadibly tedious eg: Art & Craft- covers all my crafty endeavors, to the sewing that I've not yet completed to all the craft supplies, items to alter. knitting, sewing, reading, music, books (and the craft room that I need to sort so I can do these things) and so on . . .

Body & Soul are things like clothes shopping, sorting finances, visiting/emailing/meeting people that I see regularly or for things that I just know will make me feel happy to be doing.

Finally the House & Garden section covers . . . well, all jobs not yet done/finished/started on the house and garden!

See what I mean . . . lots and lots of sub sub sections.

So, the list is 329 items long (330 if I add, at my Friend Karens request, to 'nag' her to get her own blog up and running).

I will attach the list at some point (when I've worked out how to and typed it up of course - currently in long hand) and post photos of my progress. I suppose, too, I know should have a time limit and I know I said in my first post that I would follow my progress for a month. Looking at the list perhaps it should be longer? You'll see what I mean once I post the list and make a start..hee hee

Well, if I was Thirty14 yesterday, perhaps I should keep going until I'm Thirty15?



  1. Sounds more like you need to keep going until Forty15 lol! x

  2. so you can now cross one thing off your list. Let's say that I feel nagged at so you don't need to do that any more. Not nagged at enough to actually do anything about it tho'.lol