Tuesday, 9 November 2010

'Procrastination' - is the thief of time. Apparently if you delay doing something it will take longer to do it later on - so says the Oxford Dictionary of English!
So, what have I done instead of getting stuck into my list....hmmm well, I did some clearing out - unfortunately neither were on my list but my OH's undie drawer (shocking) and his wardrobe are all emptied/sorted and tidied. His wardrobe is even split into clothes order eg, long sleeved t- shirts separate to short sleeved t-shirts. Oh God, is that my OCD kicking in?
I've also managed to visit Hobbycraft and bought the letters X, M & S - I'm hoping I've got an 'A' somewhere in my room for a Christmas project I saw in a shop and loved - Craftrange Burnley. Oh, and took the dogs out, met parents for coffee and toast, done shopping and ironing. I also made a lovely Thai Green Chicken Curry tonight - made the curry paste from scratch. Whooo!!!
So, to tomorrow. Tip first thing then I want to go to B & Q for some different storage drawers for my 'soon to be reorganised' room. (Should probably stop buying new storage at some point?). Am I still procrastinating?
Finally finished my book - I shall chat about that another time, suffice it to say . . I survived - many, many a time I thought about giving up but am really glad I stuck with it. Perhaps I should just leave it at that - 'Eat Pray Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert.
Al xxxx


  1. well at least you are having a productive time even if not doing the things you originally planned to do. Some of us are having trouble just ungluing our rear end from the cushioning below it.

  2. Wow - you've had a busy day! It doesn't matter that they weren't things that were on the official 'list', they're still things that needed doing :)

  3. Glad you finished your book. Xxxx

    When you've finished your list do you want to come round and start mine?