Friday, 8 July 2011

We went all the way to London just so . . . . .

. . . . . my Dad could play the piano, albeit it was the one next to 'The Monument' (to the Great Fire of London)
so we could stare at many piles of abandoned flip flops (:-() so sad, where do they go from here, what future do they have?No chance to run on a sandy beach...left with no hope for fun in their short and effective lives)

To watch many hundreds of 'crazy' people swim in the Victoria Docks . . .@ 17'C

including my wonderful Brother who once again completed a one mile open water swim.

Perfect weather, fab weekend supporting him and a first time visit to our Capital for my son who, when asked what had been the best bit of the weekend replied . . .'coming home'!
Hmmmm. Not the visit to Hamlys Toy Shop then? Or the exploring of HMS Belfast? Or the Hot Chocolate in Leicester Square or Having a nap in Bloomsbury Park? Or the stay over? OR seeing the O2 Arena, Tower Bridge or the Tower of London, or, or, or . . . Nope. That'd be the journey home then.

Well, I enjoyed it and it crossed of another item on the 'To Do List' too.

So I say 'Yay'!



  1. Kids eh - lol! Sounds like you had a fab weekend :) x

  2. sounds like a great weekend to me but I guess there is something nice about coming home.

  3. An action-filled weekend! Great shot of the flipflops ...

  4. Wow looks like you had a wonderful time. just returned from the City myself and had a ball too. Glad you enjoyed it - next time you can take me around Hamleys instead - I'll be like a pig in poo lol Pxx