Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Oh dear...the dreaded strikes again!!!

'Do you remember 'Scrapfairies'?
Reciept is from . . . roll of drums . . .2007 - arrrgghhhhh shoot me now. I purchased various 'blooms' n 'bits' in order to complete a Birthday Box Project from a Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine dated...I need not mention cos you all know. And then, worse was to come . . .

another project all bagged up and ready to do. Ho hum going to try and get them done next week, then I can put them into the 'possibly Christmas Gifts' box.!

These are the last though then, seriously, I'm on to 2008 subs boxes. Might just split them and keep the best but . . . . feel guilty.

I'm feeling all deflated now off to do some (more) cross stitching oh and have started the James Patterson/Alex Cross Series of Novels, got to read them in order of course and have also managed to get a hold of the most recent release of the Womens Murder Club, 10th Anniversary...hmmm can feel my making inclination wavering.

Enjoy the sunshine



  1. what can we say Ali? Well at least you are getting through them which is better than them staying in your drawer.

  2. I admire your determination, Ali, but I think your 'split them and keep the best' idea is the way to go, otherwise you'll never catch up with yourself lol! x