Friday, 22 July 2011

Production Line.

So, when my OH went camping last weekend I managed to do quite a lot . . . .
This LO is from Sarahs Cards Ltd - from the March 2011 Retreat (I think) as my friends and followers know I tend to complete layouts and then add photos after the fact - which is fine in principal but then suddenly I have 30+ photoless layouts which is tooooooooooo many.
Another LO from Sarah's Retreat - I love the colours in this and they go great with B & W Photos - no idea what the paper range is - sorry - have chucked my left overs (And NO!! I didn't make a card with them!!)

I also managed to complete this Cross Stitch Project which is one of a series of 6 from DMC...3 of which (for some reason known only to me) I have started Doh!!!

As my son decided to stay at home we decided to have a go at teaching him how to knit - you can see by his face he's enjoying himself so far.

Although we started with 10 stitches and now we've got 18 (at one point we had 22!!) but it's all part of the learning curve and I love that we can spend time together too.

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