Friday, 29 July 2011

2 and a half hours I could have spent doing something else

more interesting and definately more enjoyable - Crafting?
Instead I have spent an hour trying to put a 4 man tent up on my own - madness I know, but I need to know if I can do it so I can book a week camping at the Great Dorset Steam Rally, cos I really want to go and to go we need to camp to afford to go, but if I can't put it up on my own (albeit with a youngster) I won't be going - urgh!!! Just not strong enough. The only other option is to try again later with my OH taking the part of the child. Or he could just come with us?

For the rest of the time I have been trying to convert some old vinyl 12" records from my mis spent youth onto mp3 format for the ipod I bought OH and have loaded with all my faves on. Well, that went well NOT!!!! I'm not one to give up with technology, I tend to persevere until I succeed but I just couldn't justify spending any more life time on it. I'm off to itunes now to download instead - probably should have just done that but sometimes you just want to.

Coffee and choccie biscuit reward well and truly deserved.

And another one crossed nay, scrubbed from my TDL.

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