Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Weekend Part I - Friday (evening)

As many of my friends are aware - I've been having problems with my internet connection. Mainly in part to THIS!!!!
So, every (And I mean every!) time I tried to dust/vac/clean around this - it knocked my internet & phone out - and it was really really (have I said 'really') bugging me!!!

BUT . . . now it looks like this . . . .

Yaa hooooooooooo!! No more failed connections.So inspired by this and feeling encouraged I managed to tackle another of my to do list items

Remember this?

Well, now it looks like . . . this

All filed away. And whilst I was at it, I did my Moms Mothers Day card. I was going to decorate a frame too but I ran out of evening. Here it is . .

Back tomorrow for Part II


  1. Well done you, on ticking a few more things off your list. Fab card too :)

  2. If you have any spare time, I could do with a pair of talented hands like yours over here! :)