Saturday, 2 April 2011

Part II - Saturday

My very lovely friend Michele treated me to a cover for my Kindle - to give it a little more protection whilst travelling and also to stop dust lurking on it, it was plain black and as I'm in the mode of trying to use my craft items I decided to add a little something - hope you don't mind Michele? Still love it BNIAGW!! And here it is, my Kindle getting all safe... Remember when I was at Mums last week sorting for the car boot sale - well she came across my Grans copy of her & Dads Wedding Album - so I thought I should share this one. This is going to be a project once this list (version 1) has been completed - see I keep adding things to a new one. But wow, aren't they a beautiful couple? Strangely in amongst all the bits and stuff in the album I came across this. It's an article which was in the Observer Newspaper back in hmmmmmm 1987!!! When I was a mere 20/21 yr old and I decided to leave home and move 'darn sarff' - like you do! So the building behind is the Bakery and I lodged there for about 6mths before getting a bedsit then finally renting a cottage. I lived/worked there for about 18mths in total before getting home sick. However, before I came home for good I stayed 6mths in Eton, Windsor.

So, whilst I was reading/cleaning/doing the accounts etc etc a litle fella decided he wanted a bit of comfort in his life and snuck upstairs for a lie down!! Cheeekkyy boy.

Then I decided to sort through the photoless Lay Outs which need photos adding (obviously) - there are 40!!! of them. I hereby promise to add photos when I've finished a LO in future - this backlog is a great stress causer.Finally - I got to sorting my un mounted stamps and other purchased not put away stamps - this took the rest of the day!

Now, I'm off to watch TV and to carry on with my...wait for it....wait for it....CROSS STITCH - phew, where did I dig that one up from??

TTFN - have a lovely evening and let's see what I get up to tomorrow.



  1. Haha Excellent!!! I've started my cross stitch again too. Like a long lost friend. Very addictive once you start up again you know. looks like you're having a very busy and productive weekend. Enjoy the rest of it :) Px

  2. oo I lurve what you've done with the Kindle case! And as for the cross stitch, I could start again in a heartbeat! I still look lovingly at my cross stitch bag and have the occasional stroke of the kits that I never quite got around to doing. Hope you're having a lovely Mother's day x

  3. Glad you had a productive day. Funnily enough, I worked at Eton College for 6 months when I was 21......... But that was 1980 lol! Oh dear I feel old! X