Monday, 11 April 2011


After last Mothers Day weekend when I worked my socks off and achieved loads, I've hit the 'wall'. In terms of motivation - I haven't got any! I've only managed 5 more items of my 'TDL' which leaves only 127 - of which some of these have been started but I just can't seem to get my concentration/get up and go to get up and come back quickly. It's not like I've done all the easy items and just have the harder stuff to do, I'd say it was a pretty even split. Oh well. Not being one to linger longer than I should on any failings (perceived or otherwise) onwards and upwards!!

So, to the weekend. It was Fan-bloomin-tastic!!! The sun was out and we managed to get some jobs done in the garden, plus lots of chilling out family time.

Not quite sure how this is supposed to be 'sun bathing' but hey! at least the shirt is off and the child is outside in the sun rather than holed up in his room.

We planted some seeds to start of our self sufficiency. In x number of weeks we should have, carrots, tomatoes, spring onion, sweet pepper and lettuce. Oh, and strawberries. Fingers crossed anyway that's the plan. And finally, our other little boy was 1 yr old at the end of March - how much has he grown?

With regards to the list, I've completed the followng;

Put stamps into files EZ Mount stamps Review pulled projects - discard what don't like anymore Go to football club - twice each week in all weathers, not sure I signed up for this you know BT phone box in lounge - repaired

And, I've discovered my non sticky scissors are! After using them to cut EZ Mount in order to mount some of my rubber stamps, I can't get the sticky stickiness of the blades - suggestions to resolve welcome.

That's all folks.

A xx


  1. sticky stuff or nail polish remover

  2. I agree with KJJC - I use Sticky Stuff Remover - you can buy it at Lakeland just up the road from John Lewis's Px