Sunday, 27 March 2011

Tempus Fugit...when you're having fun...

And, I feel like I'm losing control of some areas in my life.... my room - Eeek! and I was doing so well.


But, when the child looks like this

and the garage looks like this - AFTER doing a car boot sale

and I've accepted a challenge to do this at my next local crop

and I keep getting 'it's split again Mum!!' to repair this

I think I can be forgiven for only completing these?

Toys at Mums - sort and purge - hence the car boot!! Help Mum with her loft -- hence the car boot Shopohlic series - and yes. They went on the car boot!!

132 items left to do. Still some part dones tho.

Off now to have my last vodka and chocolate - not in the same glass. Honest!! We go on holiday 9weeks tomorrow and my belly needs to do some shrinking.

So, on top of everything else I'm going to be 'watching what I eat' OR rather in my case. My OH will be watching what I eat - yay!!

Am I exhausted yet? That'll be a 'Yes' then


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  1. My goodness, you are coping with a lot - and an intrigued by the challenge at your next local crop :). Please post us more!