Friday, 11 March 2011

and finally

a quick update on my list situation. Some more dones . . .hooray!!!

Penguin - as you have probably seen in previous posts - It's done!! Hurrah!

12 x 12 scrapbooks - bought some d-ring ones to replace the fixed ones

Scrapbook LO's - Sort into better order - yes, I got the Mother round so I'll be putting into my new D-Ring files sometime soon

Scrap Mother - see previous post from Sarahs w/end away - that photo much be from about 20years ago - eeekkkk!!!!

Warrington Crop? - this was a prompt to remind myself to try and get onto another crop cos I miss the monthly crop at Warrington so much. But, the way things are at the moment I'm quite happy with where I go and what I'm doing - and with starting back at College (more to follow) - I'm watching what I fill my spare time up with.

Got 2011 calenders to do something with - recycled them at the retreat last week - they ended up being to large a typeface for what I wanted them for - oops!!!

Cousin & her Family - this was a prompt to spur me into seeing more of my extended family 0 but as there's a 40th party this w/end - where I'll get to see everyone - think this 'to do' item is covered.

2011 Holiday to book - yay -going back to Majorca cos I love it so. Probably should have bought a flat there 6 yrs ago seeing as I've been there 8 times within that time.

Read Twilight Books - yes, all of them and they were lovely - strange but compelling, happy that I've read them. Probably wouldn't read them again though.

That's it for now, child has just arrived home. So Mum duties are calling.

TTFN xxxxx


  1. With you on missing Warrington crop :(

  2. me too. Well done on getting through your list.

  3. You seem to be whizzing along quite nicely!