Tuesday, 14 June 2011

List Update!

So, whilst on Holiday (!!!) I got to thinking about my list. There are some items on there which I know I will be unable to complete before 1st November cut off - they will however be carried over to my new one for next year. They include planning/organising trips to far flung places - well, Italy, Prague, Dublin, Florida etc and also Cross Stitch projects which I haven't started yet but by experience I know will take longer than the time I have left for this year.
I will however, concentrate on finishing the x-stitches that I have started in the past - unfortunately this does include one which I definately know I was doing well well before my son was part of my life. Perhaps 12yrs or more and I do so want to finish it (I think??).
I'll update my list and keep you updated with where I'm at. I'm not giving up at this stage just reassessing for most impact.


  1. Hope to see you on saturday with some of those unfinished projects.

  2. Keep going and they will all get done!

  3. I know where you're coming from re the cross stitch. I've got so many kits, dating back 15 years or more, that I want to finish (well start, really lol), but it's just finding the time. See you Saturday x