Wednesday, 22 June 2011


I'm sure I've mentioned I'm not really into making cards? I tend to pinch nay aquire them from my Mom who makes such wonderful ones. But, on this occasion I have made not one but 4!!! I can only post 3 just now as the last one is for one of my lovely Friends, who's Birthday is not until Sunday. So, here they are. A Fathers Day Card - sure you would have quessed that!I used a combination of Tim Holtz and some other stamps which I've not got the name off, plus some TH Idealology bits.

Lavinia stamps used here with glitter to enhance - this one was for Mum

And, finally My Pops asked me to make him card for Mum. Very simple and some very old but lovely papers - again, can't remember what they are called/

Finished college this week after taking my Exam yesterday - will let you know how I've done when I get the results.

Nothing much else happening just now, well, there is but I'm still trying to get some answers first before I post.




  1. Lovely cards, Ali. Looking forward to seeing the 4th one on Sunday :)

  2. For someone who doesn't 'do' cards, you'd done these really well! I love the middle one especially.